My prefered book:: Storytelling

My prefered book: StorytellingMore I got into public speaking, more I felt that telling a personal story is important to any speech.

In politics, just look at Obama 2004 speech which has some story about him and his father, in the speech that put him on the way he is now, or Steve Job's commencement speech which is all in three personal stories, to the new Educational President of Toastmasters, who begin his interview with a childhood story, and many others, in work or education.

Stories sell the ideas and are stronger then facts and stories connect to those who listen. Personal stories makes us human, vulnerable and brings us nearer our audience.

Part 1 : why tell stories
Part 2 : Reclaiming your storytelling self
Part 3 : Getting story ideas

Part 4 : Bringing your stories to life
this one has one of my preferred chapter: Crossing the stream
explaining through a story and metaphor the best way to learn one
Part 5. Your Storytelling powers in action
the first chapter of which adds explaining how to "embody" a story,

In all, if I would recommend only one book to read, I'll recommend this one. But, I'll tell about the other of my preferred books too.

Speak like Churchill and stand like Lincoln - I'll write about it tomorrow
Romancing the room - about audience
Story Factor - how to use personal storytelling in business
Lost art of great speech and the use of rhetoric with examples
Body language for dummies
Improving your storytelling, beyond the basics

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