How to get from here to there (Ted talk 2015)

From the "best TED Talks 2015" this is by Patti Dobrowolski
We can learn, not only from what she suggests, but also how she delivers it.

Today, after looking over the 1h 30 of yesterday's Firebirds Celebration speeches, stories, dreams, I understand it even better. Some of us dreamed to bring us here, to be able to create, charter and for a whole year already, for me, a few month for others, Advanced Toastmasters from all over the world.
Next post will be about "us" Firebirds visiting each other in our homes from New Zealand, Malaysia, cities or out of way places in Australia, Dubai, Philippines, Germany and London, all the way to Virginia, Dallas, Colorado, to the Virginia Island of Canada.

Some of us, dreamed it, others (as me) jumped on early on what they created, yet others fell in love with Firebirds Collective Toastmasters club as soon as they where invited as guest, to become in March Charter members or soon change from first time visitors to enthusiastic members.

Ian, Susan, Manhal envisioned the future, created the new possibilities, and a better place to be.

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