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Spark London Welcome to Britain’s first True Storytelling Events

True stories told from the stage. Expect the unusual, the hilarious, the tragic and the heart warming. Our storytellers have included teachers, car dealers and barristers - anyone with a story to tell is welcome. Joanna Yates created them.

Here are Joanna's advice for preparing and telling them

Storytelling tips

1. A strong story will always have a dilemma also know as a predicament.
E.g. ‘What did you do when you realised your passport was gone on the morning of your holiday’. Or, ‘What did you do when you accidentally forwarded an private email to the whole office.’

2. Start in the action. There is only five minutes to tell your story so don’t waste time telling us what the story is about, just tell the story.
E.g. I got home I could smell burning-  Yes
E.g. I am going to tell you the story of when I discovered a fire at my house – No

3. Know your opening and closing line.
If you want to really nail your story decide what your opening and closing line are in advance. This will help give your story impact.

4. For some inspiration and examples of previous stories go to www.sparklondon.com and click the Itunes logo on the right hand side. This will take you to our free weekly pod cast where you can hear stories from the last three years.

5. Have a go.  
The best way to master storytelling is to practice and these nights are a good place to start. 

What to avoid
1. Ranting – if you are upset about something turn it into a story
2. Stand up routines – funny stories are welcome but not stand up routines
3. Poetry – this is not a place to tell poems

7 minutes with rehearsal at Canal Cafe Theatre once a month

5 minutes Open Mic at Brixton Upstairs at Ritzy one a month
There are more places and other venues now, after years! Look for them.

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