Funny bones Workshop, Tallinn Estonia

After my Tallinn Workshop
Posing after the workshop I offered in Tallinn to Toastmasters arrived from many Nordic Europe countries, but their origin was even more diverse, as some went from Spain to Finland, other from America to live in Sweden, or from Africa to Estonia.

Raido Huberg was happy to have invited me: he organised the three workshops and invited the keynote speaker too. This picture is his idea, the official photographer of the event took also a photo only with us two, but with my camera, only this was taken.

The third happy young woman in the image is a very happy audience "Your workshop changed my life" she come to tell me. By it, not only I made laugh, taught "how to reach any audience" but also persuaded "they can" and of the importance of humour in life of each of us.

My stories went very well and in the good order, making the points I wanted to convey. I knew, I can give good True Storytelling workshops, did it for years already, but this was first time I did a Comedy Workshop - and to so divers audience too. I succeeded to involve them, in groups, then some one by one, and at the end with Q/A that gave me occasion to use yet others from my routine and explain tell some of my other true stories.

55 minutes finally - for those to whom seems a lot, go to minute 37... and begin there. The video, send so fast after the workshop by Tallinn Toastmasters, does not show all the discussions between the audience, almost at the beginning: they liked it a lot too.

Humour Workshop by Julie Kertesz from Julie Kertesz on Vimeo.

Many looked at me so warm after the workshop, and yes also those meet told me they learned, noted, got courage to try from now on. Understood, also that comedy can heal even.

All the workshop was taken in video, when I'll get is, I will be able to analyse in more detail. And later, not yet, today, will put in this blog the main points I conveyed, all learned from the three first Comedy Workshops I have taken in 2002. At the occasion of this, as I prepared for it, I realised how many I have taken, shorter ones, later on too, and how I did learn something from each. Now, it is indeed, time to give back that and explain how important looking at life problems with Comedians Eyes, become to me, after at 77 I discovered it.

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