One leads to another

It all begun when Jacub Pawlowsky, Toastmasters Division B Governor, posted a few month back: "who can host a Toastmaster from Riga?"

 I did.

We got well together. A great young woman, founder of the first TM club in Riga, told me about going in November to Budapest, where the Continental Europe Toastmasters hold the Laugh and Learn in Budapest, conference and contests. Humorous and Table topics contest, last time together, before they will split.

I have to participate too, for the first time in 59th District conference, and plus, in Budapest!

A young toastmaster and TEDx organiser, very nicely invited me to their place, on Buda!

At the conference, I met many from all Europe, also from other parts of the world, living nowadays in Europe. What a diversity between the 370 attendees! Strangely, between all, Bea, PR, have chosen me to be interviewed by a journalist, who arrived with a photographer..

I spoke Hungarian, of course, and having begun Standup Comedy at 77 seems "media worth".

A very nice journalist and a great photographer arrived together Saturday afternoon and let me speak, interviewed me. From it came an article all the 5th page of Sunday's Bors, which is in every newspaper stand, (in 6/7 was a paper to whom the English Queen gives the title Sir and Dame).
November, 2013 Sunday newspaper, Bors

Different photo published in the journal and the online BorsOnline.hu - and the photographer, let me download many others too.
I got an email from RTL Club, in Budapest, to appear (too late, no more there) and then today, I discover, then there is a great article about my activities, on line from Finland Toastmasters!

I also met others, from Germany, one whose father is Hungarian, another young couple, and so many interesting others! In case you do not read Hungarian, most probably, on my Facebook page I published the translation of it in English and also a link to the Finland Toastmasters blog page, which is written originally in English already.

One leads to another, one just has to begin!

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