Today The Guardian send me a copy "Life begins at 60"

Today, an article on more then two pages of the supplement (title Life begins at 60) written by Homa just appeared in The Guardian

They have send in February a photographer to a gig, and after that told me "it will come out in a bank holiday". Well what better, then the one of the Diamond Jubilee!

And it is true to what I told her in December last year, she even added to it me winning the Silver Comedy Newcomer 2012 and Advanced Communicator Gold of Toastmasters. Well the last, we earn not win. A lot of work and speeches behind it. And the paper speaks and adds a link also about Spark London with whom I tell stories.

The story from the Guardian, is also on the web, dated yesterday, the paper appeared today, 5th of June 2012 , she even added on web a few links! What a difference of tone between the different papers and interviewers !

here just another "screen dump", if you are interested go to the guardian page from the link above.

On the Guardian web pasge, there are also links to Toastmasters International, Spark London, Silver Comedy and divers blogs and websites from me.

There are papers and papers, interviews and interviews. All are not the same.

Yesterday, Comedy Blogedy, have published an interview, with what I indeed answered to Sara's questions. I will write about her blog in more detail later, you could read the interview on-line for the moment. She added a video of my performance and links to my social networks.

I will write here about all, the Real People in May, did put into my mouth things I never said and added a lot to whatever I have initially told them. They gave me a stick, intentions and moves I never had and phrases I never said either. And to think that they even pay someone to find them "that story"!

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