Toastmaster Officer Meeting end June

A bit of informality helps to make a picture come to life. Till they stayed to pose, nothing good came out alas.

But as soon as they were a little more relaxed, all changed.

Another lesson from yesterday: a small group is more easy to photography then a bigger one.

And of course, be aware from where the light comes and do not go against it but use it. If the group listens. When they do, their pictures comes out better.

And yet another that probably applies also to public speaking or comedy, or any other contact: the quality of smile and sympathy one can read from a face makes a lot of difference.

Here are three new Area Governors (this one taken by a collegue)
Toastmaster Officers Meeting - all London together
We all smile, three different smiles with three personalities, and it is a nice picture. But the photographer told me, after taking another pictures (that I do not show here) to put my white hair farther from my collegue so her medalion shows better and that took out a special smile from me.

I complied. It worked for her but even more for me, I think.

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