Three great gigs and 2 stories.

I am not gigging a lot, from now to the end of month, but those I do are important.

Female Competition the 18 June Monday in London for me "FunnysFunny", that is how comedy competitions are called.

Link to the competition and the place.

All women, 5 to 7 minutes. We were 12 that night, I was the 11.

Funny Funny.

Great women comedians but I could not "see" only hear. The place was full. We were waiting in the entrance. Very long wait, for my tour to come.

I was tired, I forgot some lines, mixed up words, but went on and it was all worth it. I killed. "I spilled my beer so much I laughed. Good stuff, good stuff." Huge, long and massive laughs. One feels so well after!.

Thursday, soon, 5 minutes of fame Comedy club near Angel is a grat place, well lead and always full with good public, I was there six month ago. I think, I made some progress in that time, even if my text evolved slowly. So my hopes are high to make all, have good time. THE CAMDEN HEAD! 2 Camden Passage, Islington, Angel

I need someone with me, there!

The 29 June, 10 minutes special, slot at same time as some great comics at the Lyons Den, but by that time, I have not only to have a grat ten minutes material, but a true but funny tale of my adventure about when I went there the first time.

"You? Performing? ..... Ok"

They loved my set! And invited me back more then once.

The Storytelling is at Foyles, Charing Cross, end of the month, the 30th. Their biggest bookshop in London. Theme: Tales of Soho. Well, Lions Den is in London, I will use some of my adventures from the Rumba pub.

And July 1 Festival of Bizzare in Greenwhich, 2, Storytelling Previeux of Edinbourgh at Canal Café Theatre. Buzzy days before me.

At the same time I will go to three or four Toastmasters Club, now (till 30) as incoming Area Governor, then I will become one for a year.

Come see me at any of these events.

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