Truth and a story

London bridge-41Yesterday, I did entretain the audience, but not well enough.

The truth, came into my story, instead of the creativity and also they did laugh at my cape and movements and were with me from begining to the end, I could have told a more amusing story of how Dracula did not die, just disapeared and took another of his forms at the end of Bram Stoker's book.

I play now with the idea.

Dracula at London bridge?detailUsing all I know, read, seen, people thinks about him, making up a new story, of him reappearing in today's London, near the London Bridge...

There are so many deguisements and way of dressing at the evening, that even if het appeared first in his old clothes, until he purchased new ones, to get less remarqued between unsuspecting Londoners, no one would notice!

Yes, why let him be non existent or killed, when so much fun and adventure can still go on...

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