The courage of Steve Jobs

Steve Job presented the 2nd of March 2011, the Keynote for introducing the new IPad 2.

He retired from everyday work of Apple, and is very thin but his courage did not falter as he told us in an more then an hour speech (as ususal with others helping in from time to time) how Cool the new IPad was.

I specially liked this image as he told us about the "post PC era" at the crossroad between Technology and the Liberal Arts.

I admire the way he presents, and always with a black teashirt, only his face and arms visible, and behind, on the screen, dark blue almost black, a very few and very "speaking" images.

His presentations and use of screen can be an exemple of "how to" to all of us. The new IPad with video toward out and toward inside, interesting feature, and two great Apple software (Video editing and Instruments and Mixing) for 5 dollars each! will be available soon in USA and at the end of this month in UK and, then also in hundreds of countries.

My question would be, aside from the price, can one use it now to write with Accents?

Yes, cool features! Steve Jobs performance give us also a courage against odds and adversity.

I was there the day he was outed from Apple by Skuley and have taken a photo of him then as he come to our boot in Paris, producing with our products and Apple's Lazerwriter printer, an add hoc newsletter celebrating him being in the Apple Expo, A long time ago, He was so young then. And yes, courageous against adversity.

A great example of not giving up. Of rebond as soon as possible.

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