Audacity is a free voice / sound Editing software. I discover with time more and more use of it.

Not only you can copy and paste, cut and add, in this case below shorten from 12 to 6 minutes cutting out all the non essential parts, becoming more aware what is not absolutely necessary for that most important message you want to give "now" the next time you tell it, but also has many other features.

You can 'find the noise" and then reduce the noise from all the audio file.

One can amplify or reduce the sound but also 'see' the voice variaty and add or reduce pauses. And of course, listen to the parts when the audience laughed... and think about it why. Sometimes it is not in the voice but the mimic and body language but you can remember that, or see if you have a video recorded too as I had in this case.

That is the last version, of Multiple Identities, - originally Mistaken Identity told at Cafe Canal Theatre, only 6 minutes of the original 12! but still, I think all what is important is still there!

So much more can be changed about which I do not know yet, but already using some basic features can mean a lot for the result. And after all the changes, one can Export in uploadable format to the web and embed it from there, like I am doing now here.

And this wonderful and free Audacity exist as well for Macintosh as for PC computers!

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