Busy month of March for me

Aie! they will see you!Monday, the 7th for the Family theme with Spark London at Canal Cafe Theatre, near Little Venice.

I told some of the true stories about my Grand great-mother, Paula.Done! "Dramatic entertaining". She was 92 and I was 12 when she told me most of her stories. Now, at 77 I tell them to my 12 year old grand-daughter to transmit them through 6th generation. Not only the family stories but also the believe that she transmitted me: from bad things something good arises.

Wednesday, 16th at Lewisham speakers, I will speak about the Going outside the Club, and how by daring to fail; experiment and stretch comfort zone, I learned and come to become a Storyteller.

Friday, 25th at the Bermondsey Square bookshop with 20 pictures and a ten minute story at the True Story cafe event. The theme is Time, for me stays or flies but is not regular as a clock would be.
Most of my story will be about a Romance in Paris that changed my life and endured after it flew away. A few hours that left such a powerful impact on my life and my view of relationships and even, myself.

Aie, and here is an event that I do not yet how I will survive: the end of my Humorous Class in School of Comedy night with, each of us a 5 minute "gig" or act, Saturday 26 at 14 h I don't know yet where. Me make laugh on purpose a tough audience... And I just read that men and women laugh at different things.

Tuesday, 29th an Interpretative reading at London Bridge Speakers, a dialogue of Dracula from Transylvania and Mina the English woman. Also only a literary invention, Dracula seems alive to many.
Or, will I tell instead a Humorous Entertaining Story about Dracula and me coming from Transylvania? Also I just realized that Irving come to Dublin from London;;;

You are welcome to any of those events!

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