With my grand children

Communication with my grand children.

I did put a special effort to bring half baked bred that they did finish baking, then we eat it together: they loved the fresh baguettes.

Then, I listened and looked to what they wanted to do, and finally participated in it: they were so happy to teach me how to do and so happy when I did also succeed - even if not as well as they did.

Finally, for the first time for long, not only did they come to kiss me before I left but did agree that next time they wil be coming to my place. "Prepare a jelly! Popcorn too? Yeees!" Next time, we come!

Preparing for it, listening, speaking a bit quietly when needed, participating, and all went better then last times.

ps And of course, that picture is not of them, they are a lot more grown up by now, 10 and 11 already. But today, I am a bit more confident in my communication competence.

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