A busy week ahead

Today, I am taking "only" the role of a grand mother, but do believe me, at certain ages of the children, it does not become easy to Communicate with them. It was a lot easier as they were small kids.

So, I'll have to try to tell stories they still like to hear, and be open to really listen when they want to speak.

Tomorrow, probably I will go to the Photogroup presentations at Goldsmith's University, listen to others this time and see if I can find a place on anyone's project.

Another place where great Communication skills will be needed. So far, no one wanted me in their project nor to come in mine.

Wednesday, Lewisham Speakers will meet at the Lockeber Hall and I hope all speakers who wanted and promissed to come will be there, another exciting meeting of Toastmasters, with two Icebreakers, first time speakers and two advanced speakers.

It will be sure an interesting evening, but I have to use the free time there also, to make sure two weeks later all speakers programmed are ready to do so and if not to ensure who will speak instead.

Thursday, the most difficult perhaps, I will go to a friend Toastmaster club nearby and give my first Powerpoint or Keynote presentation, at the same time as Informing about what is awailable if one decides to Step out of the safety of our own clubs.

As an example of difficulty and for me to reallize the cultural gaps when you arrive in another country, I made a slide with me afraid and the words: Me? Out? only for some nice English telling me as I asked opinion if I wanted it to sound "sexual" because if not I have to put : Stepping out? at least.

How could I have dreamed, known, understand that OUT has many meanings? other then outside... or is this also some double sens word?

Friday, again the children, Saturday a dinner with neighbourghood people and of course again, communication skills necessary, then Sunday - a great outing.

The 20th of June 2 pm, Toastmasters from two central clubs and some from others will be at the Hyde Park Speakers Corner, out in Public! Last year, I did participate to something similar there, it was great fun!

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