A doll and the second world war

Yesterday, I told a personal tale at the Blue Elephant theatre, about how the war cought up with me when I was ten years old. I already did publish the tale here. That is the third time I tell it, and each time, after it some new ideas arrive to me, about my life and the surroundings then.

Each time I suceed to touch the audience, begining to tell about how angry I was that my mother did not let me take by big doll with me when we had to go away fast, in an hour, to save our lifes. The doll connect me with the audience, and also showing the anger I still feel after all those years to have to leave my dear doll, my sleeping fellow behind.

It is enough a detail, and we can connect and bring near people thing that happened long time agoi, it is enough a detail and as Proust with his madeleine, lots of memories come back, it is enough a detail and that could make us easy to remember what we wanted, prepared to say.

Through a smiling detail - and I forgot to tell that I know now why my mother did not let me take it then, - we can make the audience connect with very sad and bad old happenings, and bring them to life.

They told me they were moved, they told me they connected.

One of the other tellers, told me also that he liked how I went round and come back to the doll towards the end. That is of course, another good technic to use. But even more, trying to be there, as it was just happening. I think I did succeed.

I decided to tell the same tale at my Toastmasters club too. The Lewisham Speakers club, perhaps in July and also at the Meridian Speakers Club in Greenwich. I already finished, my Storytelling Manual projects, speaking mostly due to Matt Collins Vice presient of Education at the Meridian Club, at that club, he gave me the oportunity to tell my tales. But, in the Advanced Toastmasters Manuals it is said to Repeat as many times as we feel it is useful our Manual Speaches.

That is what I will do,

Instead of rushing ahead, telling that tale of the ten year old child who had to leave her doll behind. Who found a year later her doll, again, but not her cousin who never arrived to have, like her, to become really eleven year old.

Using feelings that are universal works well, this time, yesterday, I empasised even more my joy that I was suddenly promoted from 10 years old to 11, and it did touch wonderfully the audience. They too, in their childhood wanted to grow up faster.

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