Storytelling workshop at Experience French TM club

STORYTELLING workshop with Julie Kertesz, Distinguished Toastmaster. 
Mon 23 March London Starting at 18:45 2 Foley Street W1W - 6DL - Owen Room

Julie is a professional storyteller and will demonstrate how stories enhance all speeches. There will be also be opportunity for you to practice with table topics. The meeting will be in English. You are welcome to join as a guest.

Wonderful Storytelling Workshop! The room was full! Half those from the club with a very warm welcome and half coming from all parts of London. Most important, audience not only listened to each other, but each and every one participated telling their own stories.

You see in this picture taken fast from just a part of the audience, how different each absorb, react, stay. We do collaborate with the audience, let them absorb and add their own experience to our story.

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  1. Hi Julie - I work for The One Show and we are trying to get hold of you to discuss a filming opportunity tomorrow! We are really interested in your career change to being a stand-up comedian and want to get in contact asap. Please call me or email me. My details are below.

    My numbers are 0203 614 5776 or 07960 947265

    many thanks

    Dave Baker – Producer/Director

    BBC Broadcasting House| Portland Place
    NBH 07BR
    London W1A AA
    Work:0203 614 5776
    Mobile: 07960 947265