Remember when you told... with Spark London stories from your life?

Spark London begun at Canal Café Theatre, first Monday each month (still is but spread now)

This is taken before one of my first performance there in 2009
"Julika" 75 year old

2009 Spark London - when some just sit down and read at Canal Café - Joanna Yates directing

2010 Spark event "Faith" audience all around me, here some in the pause with Joanna Yates
Spark storytelling event "Faith" - in the pause
Storytelling "Faith" with Spark London - the faith in politic (lost) of a 15th year old girl (Multifaith centre)

2010 Soho restaurant, then Manchester Town hall - we all three told stories (first we met at Soho's)
I am tall! 2010 Soho

2011 Spark London "Fish out of water"
Fish out of water, Spark London
at Canal Café Theatre, London we each told a story
Mine was about the times of the Communist Terror,
my innocent father arrest when I was 16
in the middle of night, they came with heavy boots and black coats

My 16th were not sweet times, and we were looked as we had leper for month.

My father was detained 7 month with no papers against him and us not knowing where he was.
I have to find the recording of that tale or tell it again.

2012 March, Roadblocks, with Lewisham Toastmasters and Spark LondonJulie at true storytelling

Our team with Joanna who came all the way to Lewisham speakers club to give feedback
At Spark London with fellow Toastmaster Storytellers

2013 Hackney Attic, Spark London storytelling, Matt and Dave hosted the event, 2nd Monday's
Matt and Dave at Hackney Attic

2013 upstairs at Ritzy, with very convincing host Radcliff, 3rd Mondays of month
Rad Convincing

I told a story, about badly turned Vacation that time
Storyteller, Rad
He is not only great host, but excellent Storyteller and Workshop leader
Came to our Toastmaster club and proved it delivering a great workshop
This was taken I think in a Spark event in a Soho bookshop centre London

I presume, someone has taken a photo from this year event, where I told a story a week ago, north of London new place in a theatre of a Church inside Exmouth market.

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