Visible - 60 Women at 60 - Jenny O'Connor

An image, speaks, 60 speak even better!

"60 women at 60 in 60 seconds! Images from New Zealand photographer, Jenny O'Connor's 
new book 'Visible - 60 women at 60'.  Jenny photographed 60 women who were 60 in the year their photo was taken. She wanted to explore how women at 60 see themselves now, how society sees them, what's important to them and how they feel about what lies ahead. In the book the photographs are accompanied by words." 

Thanks for Lynda Abbit who published this interview through which I discovered these photos about 60 y women. http://seniorplanet.org/visible-60-women-at-60/ 

My french blog is all about a woman after 70 - now has ten years of running, I also proved what I set up, for myself and others "Il y a de la vie après 70" (there is life after 70) 

I do believe, everything is important to do, to prove to young and old that indeed, life does not end at... 50! nor 60 or 70. And, I hope now, at 80 either. Till there is a jest of life in us and we embrace the time that goes and whatever arrives with it.

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  1. Love it! More people need to realize age is irrelevant - it's the heart and the joy that matter!