Memories can trigger stories, photos can speak

In National Museum, London
I was on a bench resting, when this gentlemen come and stood, longtime looking at the painting.
The picture speaks, does it not? For me it said "We are never too old!"

In 2006, I took my son from Argenteuil to Paris Saint Lazar station, a very early morning.
He had to go for work, travel and hotel paid by his company, but it was not easy to arrive to the Eurostar early so to be in London before 9 am.

After I said "good travel" and went back to my car, I suddenly asked myself "what if... I went too?"
Let us try! I got lucky. At Eurostar tickets office, they gave me as retired lady arriving at last minute, a (go and return) ticket with if I remember well 55 euros only. At Waterloo Station, after I explained I have not much money to pay for it, they gave me a small great hotel, around Earl Grey.

Early morning, after taking a photo of the black London taxi, I went towards Trafalgar Square to visit the National Gallery, free entry. Then I did buy a ticket for trip in a travel bus as I have not been in London for almost 40 years. Alas, it was really cold day. But I enjoyed London, its great English tea, a full English breakfast for lunch, and a walk in Hyde park to remember my old trip.

This morning, I discovered the photos on flickr, looking at "March", and then only I remembered how  and why I got there and all the adventure. I had no idea then I will come to live here, only two and half years later!

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