So many stories to tell!

So many more stories to tell!

The year hiding from nazis in Hungary, after leaving all in just an hour.

Adolescent in the communist Romania.
1949 : 15 years old

How a life can crumble in 3 minutes and become 'enemy of people' and loose all created worked for many years again.

Leaving at 27 stubbornly with a future kid and being finally reunited with loved husband. Then first kid born.
premier enfant, quelle plaisir

And migrations, betrayals, jumping up again and again.

Old things, new things. Not all comedy, even if I can now add comic relief to them for the audience.

This was at 70, self.
"Today I celebrate 52 years since..."

Never too late!

And now, after ten more rich years, still lot to learn and experience.

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