BBC "The One" live: Julie' minute, makes even presenters laugh

Till Wednesday on IPlayer still. I just observed my name on this photo snap of the screen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04httj8/the-one-show-01102014

Not easy to see alas because the text, but till Wednesday still available on:

my short part, beside the beginning, is from minute 33 on

But I am proud not that I have been invited, not that I was "in the moment" and relaxed, but that I found a new comic line that made them laugh all, and that I can now incorporate in my material.

I do not regret, that I am not a "celebrity" easy to put in one hole, to express in a short phrase or interview. And as soon as some could think "Aha, she become a" I am already on to something different. Without leaving all past behind, enriched by all my experiences and full life.

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