I have done it! Comedy live on television BBC1's One Show

BBC1 The ONE show
Nothing happens or happened as I believed, but one or two went even better.

I proved to myself that I am not at all intimidated by Television or Cameras and of the million of viewers about which I could not imagine, but we had a few live also around me. I am even more happy to tell whichever part they asked me then another or another. Why not? I felt in the moment and no anxiety at all - live on television.

Most important, I did link at minute 33 my routine to what was said just before me! I am mostly proud of that, having be able to change on the spot and thus what I said made more sense and seemed more "improvised".

And perhaps as good for me, I was able to stand up, with mic in the hand and tell my bit like before, without crutches!

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