Years passed, time for thinking about them

Toastmasters completed manuals and projects from 2009

After I finished my AC Gold, the highest in Communication thread at Toastmasters, I begun again at the beginning, with better understanding now, in 2012. Then in July 2013, finished the highest Leadership. That is how I become "Distinguished Toasmaster" which means only that I did learn a lot and gave many speeches and helped the club and other clubs later on too in leadership roles too.

This is a picture showing from where comes the audience for my flickr pictures. It also explains why it is growing all day long as the dawn comes or the sun sets all through it. This days, I had a pic of more then ten thousand but mostly they go around 7000 hits by day. I wonder if all people?

Audience for my French blog "il y a de la vie après 70 ans" comes mostly from France, but also many from USA, Russia and even UK, Germany, China, and then other French speaking audience, as Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and even Morocco!

I can not measure my Standup Comedy activity only by saying that I did begun at age 77 and I did arrive to the goal: 77 gigs now behind me. I got a few cups and won some awards, mostly last year.

This year, I gave Storytelling workshops and a first Keynote and begun organising bigger meetings.

I do not consider it an accomplishment, but a movie was created and projected on huge screen at Goldsmith university on how my life is reflected in my standup comedy activity, two short TV videos, and two new newspaper articles about the same. It seems more surprising then my other activities but for me there are just part of learning - and enjoying the audience. 

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