How we remember new things?

The "working memory" is storing new things and connecting it to some old. Alas, it has a limited capacity. Peter Doolittle said we can remember 4 to 7 things "unless we do something about it".

That is very important for us public speakers, storytellers, comedians.

How can we remember, how can we make the audience remember?

The strategies he proposes, all would have to be investigated and spoken separately, he does not have a lot of time for it in this TED talk. But he proposes some of them to us how to process them:

- Process what happens as it happens so we could use it later
- Practice, use them, play with them, repeat them
- Embrace the new as it arrives with old knowledge, connect them
- Use imagery : think in images (that is what come more easy to me)
- Organisation and support: I do not know what he means by that

And of course, he begins with a short story (anecdote) : do you see what happened to him after you listened to this speech? I do as if I was still there on the street with him.

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