Magic Moments

  • Season Bar, near Woodford Station gig 17 December 2013 my last 2013 gig (so so)
  • Lewisham Speakers, Table Topics Master "Magic Moments" went wonderfully
  • Place of gig changed, 6 January, first 2014 gig
My new year resolution so far: speak about those "perfect moments" in our life, or better call them Magic Moments?

 the film "Holliday in handcuffs" ended with that phrase told by the heroine of the film."There is no perfect job, perfect family or perfect life, but there are those perfect moments" - we have sometimes to do some crazy thing, go out of our comfort zone, dare, to arrive at some point to those moments, 
  • My work was never 100% perfect, sometimes great and other times hellish.
  • My family had "some" problems and I had more then one family too.
  • My life was "interesting" full with ups and downs, a lot of them.
And yes, I did have some Perfect Moments, Magic Moments (some longer then others) that I do remember now with joy. 

One of my Perfect Moment this year, where the 2 minutes "elevator pitch" I gave to an audience of 80 a Sunday lunchtime in Los Angeles, at the Judy Carter's conference on the Message of You. 

Before me, a few other went, and did exactly as they were told, after the formula we got at the conference the day before. It seemed to me as if they where puppets. Deciding, it is more important to reach the whole audience, instead of the 5 judges I changed the 'rule' and followed my instinct.

I did succeed!  from the beginning (with a story on how officials from the passport control in the LA airport views me) to end (with other short more humorous stories) and I did hold the audience in my hand, charm them, make them react and feel with. It was a perfect moment with the audience!

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