Three latest book, I study

Finished the Deliver a great TED talk, and one day I will. Much to study and learn more till then.
The Message of you by Judy Carter I will put to study the second time in a quiet month.
I have finished both of them for the moment - once. Now, with the distance, I understand better both.

The comedy bible, is still not read, I was overwhelmed with other tasks after I got it. Finishing my 77th, yes successful comedy gig,  organising meetings, and now my next Personal Storytelling workshop in Grosvenor Square Toastmasters club, with Lyn, VPE who is invaluable help.
Monday evening is approaching. This books will not be shown, there are the "next level".

I begun with the Power of Personal Storytelling and Lipman's book: Improving your Storytelling.
My prefered book: Personal StorytellingBests of my Speaker's books-5

There are many others like Wired for Story, The Story Theatre Method, etc. that deal with storytelling and from where I learned! But all those have to be absorbed, understood, embedded, one by one.

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