Impro, improves also life. Great 10' by Dave Morris

I could not, yet, copy here direct this TEDx speech, but here is a link to it. On the word Way bellow. The positive from impro, improvisation 'way' so well explained.
Dave Morris a great improviser, coach and speaker: 

"impro also improves your life"!

1. Play (for the joy of it)
2. Let yourself fail (accept it, failing does not make you failure)
3. Listen (not just to ready made up answer, willing to change)
4. Say YES (it takes us somewhere, no stops)
5. Say AND (bring your brick, say yes and, not yes but...)
6. Play the game (following rules funnels the creative process)
7. Relax and have fun (yes! Do relax! Do experiment). 

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