A personal story, for the audience

What it means to 'tell a personal story, from which you learned something important' and at the same time 'it is not about you, it is about the audiences?

I often was confused.

Of course, personal means it is about you.

Gar Reynolds explains it so well in his blog: it is ABOUT your experience, but telling something general FOR the audience. Something they can relate and learn from.
On sharing your own personal story to make a difference.
"In storytelling, the key is to make sure your message is about the audience, not about yourself.

This may seem counter intuitive when you are telling your own story, when you are talking about your own life, but it's actually not so hard. However, when I say "about your audience," I really mean *for* your audience.

Even when you are sharing aspects of your own life, it's in the spirit of contribution. The best presentations are always about contribution.

The important thing is to choose a theme from your own life that is clearly relevant for the audience."
That is what I did try, from the beginning of my storytelling. see mistaken identity. But without 'telling much' more embedded inside the story. I think, that makes the difference between a storyteller and a public speaker. Is it? But always thinking what 'general message' can be learned from it, something connecting us.

"Whether your aim is to inform, inspire, or to persuade—or a mix of all of these—your theme should be something which people can relate to, something they can take away with them and ponder. In both cases below, the presenters tell you what happened in their past to bring them to where they are today, but those details, however interesting they may be, are not the key theme.

The particulars of the events are not the main point to takeway.

The theme of embracing one's own difference—and the resilience needed to do so—is a message for almost everyone. These talks clearly resonated with the largely audience, I hope they resonate with you as well."
In his post, see below, 2 video exemples are published.

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