Domestic violence "stages" and why we did not leave

Inspirational, informative and persuasive speech.

Leslie Morgan Steiner "I didnt know that the first stage in any domestic violence relationship is to seduce and charm the victim... I also didnt know that the second steop is to isolate the victim. .. The next step in the domestic violence pattern is to introduce the threat of violence and see how she reacts…"  Ted talk "It is incredible dangareous to leave an abuser". 

It decided me to talk again about how it did happen to me and also understand the stages of domestic violence. Thank you!

She speaks simply, and so powerful at the same time. There are stories that survivors have to tell. Now that I understand better, I hope I will be able to do so. I hope. It have to be better understood, digested, even if it is far away it was not completely till this morning. Of course, it will also hurt to remember, but to understand is a long way to heal the wounds. I was not beaten like her many times, but the menace that a blow can come again was there on my head.

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