Books for storytellers

Story is wired in us, in our bones and souls. It is a necessity from old ages to learn and anticipate by experiencing not firsthand.

As many other things we learn, storytelling as also creating a story, has to be learned in many levels.

There is a 101 of storytelling and once learned that, an improving storytelling explaining farther and, now, I discovered a book "Wired for Story" going deep and explaining why we do expect stories, others personal experiences, suspense, happy ends, details and so on.

What a responsibility!

But each book I study brings me a step farther to understand not only the responsibility of creating and telling a story from my experience but also on the way to telling it better then before.

Of course, reading once is not enough, those are books to study again and again. From Doug Lipmann's book Improving Storytelling I did study it at lest three times already. Now, I did buy it to offer to someone else to help his path toward better understanding the links between story, teller and receiving audience. And he did win a contest, after reading it! Well, he also practiced...

I now finished for the first time Wired for story, soon will have to begin from the start and try to apply parts of it till is will be 'wired' in me as if I did swim all my life. From then on, we do not think of that part and go on to learn others.

Creating, improving and telling stories, what a joy!

In our True Storytelling workshop, last year and this year, we all learned a lot. How to find, create, remember (embody) and tell them and also a lot from each other. How to create a workshop, too.

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