Who is 'Julie Kertesz' ?

While one can not discover who I am, really, just by a Google search, it is interesting to looks what comes up when one looks up: Julie Kertesz

I am not sure why, but the Brighton Dogstar's comedy gig video, one of the firsts gigs I did (now up to 60) comes first. Some other appear on the next pages. But before, I called myself : Julie70 that probably gives yet different search results. Then comes my Flickr images website, even if there are around 2000 day after day visiting my photography.

Then on the first page I found some others, blogs I write day by day and true stories I told. And of course, the TV4 interview. This one, 45' condensed to a final two minutes.

This morning, on the first page I also discovered an interview from 2010 as blogger and photographe by the 'Little London Obervationist' I enjoyed it a lot, also as she added many of my pictures choosen by her, to all I said answering her questions.

They interview me, I think, after it was announced :Amateur photographer and silver surfer Julie Kertesz has been announced as the winner of the Culture24 Museums at Night 2009 Flickr competition :Julie Kertesz wins Culture24 Museums at Night 2009 Flickr photo
One of the latest, from a year ago is from the Guardian (my second in this journal)

Also from the Guardian, a few month before: Brian Logan's interview in Guardian, a year ago: still one of my favourites!
Just before I won the Silver Comedy Newcomer in Leicester a year ago.

Another interview, I find interesting already on my activity as blogger:

As remains also another article written about my activity a bit later.
This article 'at age of 77 a life of inspiration' in the 'Global Voices' 
has been translated to 13 languages! From 2011. Oct. 27

Last, it was translated in my mother language: Hungarian !

And of course my two "signature true stories" on video told live
One at Spark London Canal Cafe Theatre determined me to discover comedy,
The other at Manchester Townhall the story of a ten year old girl
True Tales - Julie Kertesz - YouTube
Julie Kertesz shares stories on the theme of 'family' at Grant's True Tales event held at Manchester Town Hall (UK) on 8th October 2010

One of the latest: Management Today-18 Jan 2013
Seven ways to build rapport with your audience
By Julie Kertesz
Do you want to inspire and motivate your audience when giving a ...

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