Flickr, stats - can it be true?

I have been member of Flickr now for 9 years. How the years go fast!

I joined, when it was yet in beta and in Vancouver, so I can add through it pictures to blogger. Later, I created a group "People Reading" still very active, then another "Never too old" that I do not know any more and finally a group to learn about different aspects of photography, !Afterclass! in real a Masterclass, a Workshop of photography.

In Afterclass, year after year, every month we had a new animator, leader, specialist, teaching us and making us to add our pictures to go a bit more outside our comfort zone. Only the three latest month did I stop looking for and finding yet someone else to lead a new monthly workshop.

Meanwhile, I added pictures daily to my Flickr website (joyoflife or julie70) arriving at about 53 000 pictures on it. I know that. What still is stunning me is the flickr statistic that says, each day more then 1500 people is viewing my pictures. Each day!
Could it be really that in total more then 4 million people had visited my photos?
This one was taken today. Already, so many today - and it is still morning!

Some days, I see a peak going to 3000 or 4000 visitors, even if the pictures I added are seen only a normal 2 to 30 times. From where arrive all the others? It seems in Web there is a short head and a long queue, formed by those who come and look at a specific image.

The web and the flickr are huge places to make us known, make our creations live a long full life. Weather I have or not (not) any financially gain from it, what an exposure! What a pleasure! No expo I would put my pictures could gather so many viewers to show what I have taken and convey my view of the world around me as Flickr, and also the video places as Dailyvision, youTube, Vimeo do. Some videos (even some diapo made from photos) uploaded there have been also viewed 30 000 times!

I am still in awe of the exposure some of my creations achieved.
And all, after the age of 70.

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