Last hour of True Tale's Storytelling in Edinburgh

From Peter's interview :
“We’ll be working alongside a host of different performers, some professional, many amateur, and we’ll also be involving the audience in open mic sessions. The best thing about it is the fact that anyone and everyone can get involved – there’s no money in storytelling, we’re just doing it because we love it and enjoy the connection that it creates between us and the audience – something that really fits with the ethos of what the Fringe is all about”.

Telling stories not for money earned, but for the pleasure to create, share and communicate. YES!

Of course, from time to time, it is great to get also some money from it, but the greatest joy is to do it. Hours, days, months, spend creating a tale, we find it or it finds us. Then letting it grow, take shape, craft it so it goes easy into the minds of our audience. Performing it, getting all that wonderful positive energy from the audience. And, if we took care of it, looking to the video, or listening to recording and analysing "how could I improve, where was it great, what can I (or someone) learn from it.

Preparing a story always make me revisit my past, re-see it, make peace with it, and somehow, it begin to shape itself. We did tell it "simply" but it was nothing simple in their preparation and care we have all given to our story told in Edinburgh, told with Spark London in its soon now three venues, either.

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