Clues to a great story

'Storytelling is joke telling, is knowing your punch line - your ending,
 ideally confirming a deeper understanding of who we are as human beings"

"it isn't anyone you could not love once you heard their story"
The importance of telling a story about yourself and some "how to" from a great film storyteller on Ted.com. Andrew Stanton has made you laugh and cry. He wrote the first film produced entirely on a computer, Toy Story. But what made that film a classic wasn't the history-making graphic technology -- it's the story, the heart, the characters that children around the world instantly accepted into their own lives. Just some of the things he said, which I jotted down while listening: "We all follow rules as long as certain conditions are met, after that all bets are off" "Expressing values you personally feel deep down to your core"
"Drama is uncertanity mingled with anticipation" at the begining you make a promise" make me care

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