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And the picture that is not in it.
From today's The Guardian paper article, written by Brian Logan, here are the bits he wrote about me, as Standup.

Link to the paper on web: The Guardian Article webpage

I can hardly believe : I am on the same page as the great  old comedian Billy Connelly, who spoke to us last year at the Comedy School Festival!
In the course of her standup career, now into its fourth month, Julie Kertesz has overcome some unusual obstacles. First, there were the exacting nocturnal shifts. "But I discovered I can sleep in the afternoon," she smiles. Then there was the month she had to take off for a cataract operation. Clearly, it's not easy starting a new career in live comedy at the age of 77, but Kertesz isn't alone in disproving the adage that startup is a young person's game: a new event, the Silver Standup Competition for over 55th, aims to debunk the notion for good.

Kertesz thinks her age gives her an advantage. It buys her instant audience affection, and plenty of cliches to subvert.

Even the language of standup favours the young, Kertesz, a Hungarian who arrived in London in 2008 after 30 years in Paris, had never used four letter words in her life. But now they get her a big laugh.

Julie Kertesz's comedy is all about up-ending expectations and stereotypes
. Beside swearing, she jokes about her ex-husband's infidelities, and her own sexual appetites - much to her daughter's dismay. "I say standup is like making love," she says. "You have to look people in the eyes, you have to pace yourself, you have to practise, and you never give up - even after 70."

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