Brian Logan, writer and actor

Here are, read by Brian Logan to an audience, some of the opinion of Stand Up Comedians, on the advantages of Stand Up.  

Brian Logan is an arts writer, theatre and comedy critic, playwright and performer. He is a founder member of the theatre company Cartoon de Salvo.

I agree with them, almost. I do not think theatre is like school, I adore good theatre. Good acting, good comedy is magic.

The real difference is that actors learn their role and the piece is written by someone other, they make believe, most of the time, the audience is not there looking at them.

The comedian from a Stand Up club, makes believe the audience, in contrary, that all he does is invented for them on the spot, or at least most of it. Interacting. And yes, learning by doing, what works and what does not work, but on his or her own written, learned, prepared, material.

Here is what he wrote about us, and me.

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