From Icebreaker to Manchester

I wrote a short notice, see the London blog, about how I arrived from my first speech, the Icebreaker, the March 2009, to a paid True Tale at Manchester Town-Hall.

In fact, it is a lot more complex of course.

I begun to write as child, and aspired to write all my life, and at least, in my diary, never stopped. Also published articles but only about computer products.

When I retired, I translated my diaries, 10 to 60 years, from Hungarian to French, and wanted to publish them. I was told, very interesting but it needs more context.

In order to write "context" stories, I begun to study books about writing. Those help me now when I begin to change my memories, and the theme I would like to pass, to a story that can be told to public.

A memory is not a story. A story has to have a clear Conflict and Obstacles, highs and lows, sober and funny moments. Lots of other books, as I like to study help me.

And, as I wrote, most two books about which I spoke already: one by Maguire, the other by Lipman.

But most of all, the people listening to my stories that grow, each time I tell them once more. My grand children 10 and 12, my son and daughter in law, some of my neighbours, my Toastmaster fellows, I am indebted to all who listen and counsel and react - or not. I just got a photo taken without my knowledge in the garden, my grand daughter balancing and me speaking before her, telling the tale of the Old woman and the death, again. It brings us many memories of telling, before I go "outwith a tale" .

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