The naked presenter, by Garr Reinolds

Garr Reinolds is an American living mostly in Japan, he wrote a book that I liked a lot Zen of presenting. His new book, if one can be said so, is even better.

Just fresh out now, and I just finished it reading, the first time.

Now, I have to go back and begin to study it more, taking out what I have underlined while going through it the first time.

The idea of "naked" presentation came to him from the way the Japanese bath together unclothed. I wonder still if they do it together, men and women working at the same place...

But the idea for presenting, with or without any slides in front of the audience, is funny :: just imagine me, or anyone else going out there literally naked!

Of course, "naked" is a metaphor, for him. Speaking without outing walls and barriers, open and vulnerable, clean of what is not necessary, prepared but being there in the moment.

I have to come back to write about some of his wonderful ideas with whom I agree and whom, mostly, I practice. Expressing feelings, speaking openly, with authenticity, and without almost as if it was one to one.

But alas, never going over the time, that is not, yet, me.

Will it ever be?

I also understood better, the magic of the resonance, between the speaker and the audience, as we stand and speak and take energy and give energy and feelings to each other.

Next time, I give a humorous or entertaining or even an informative speech, I should begin with "I am standing here to speak to you naked" or something like that, followed by a long pause.

Funny, can be very serious, and his book is very useful, also underlining the huge importance of personal stores in any presentation or speech

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