State of Union 2011 adress; Obama

lots to learn from it, in content and delivery
but be aware, if lasts one hour!
also you can listen to the beginning, then absolutely has to listen how he delivers the 5 last minutes,
changing his voice to an almost "intimate" and warm pitch

of course, this blog is not about politics, it is about speaking in public and communication
of course, he did delivered it, but wrote it together with the speech-writers of the White House

"I hope it tells them to never give up"
"we live in the Information age" -
'we can not win the future with the gvn of the past"
new skills and new knowledge (?), new challenges

none of this will be easy
all of this will take time
but anything is possible
no matter...

"it will be even harder because we will argue about everything"
Then he explains that this is how it should be, in a democracy by examples of the contrary

it is time to move forward
we have to

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