Area 35 Toastmaster speech contest

Area 35 International and Evaluation Contest, hosted by Croydon Communicators at the Dog and Bull pub, Contest Chairman David Thomson.

Evaluating a great speech by Ola, from the Tube Speakers Toastmasters, Vathani Navasothy won, with her sincerely appreciative evaluation.: She put so much enthousiasm in it!

Yes, I learned, as good as for example Chris's evaluation was, it was more done with the head then the heart, and even in a contest, the heart wins. That was true also with the Speech contest, whose winner was Dave Longley, even if all speeches were really great.

This time I was judge, listening, not speaking, yes, listening is also a skill to be learned. Not only listening, but learning from each speech's what is best and what were their weaker points.

Strength: authenticity, emotion, one strong point, personal stories.

Weaknesses: too many points, more telling then showing, more facts then stories, more head then heart. Too strong voice and not enough modulation. Not clear enough.

To ponder for me, next time!

But I also learned a lot, from all the speeches. It was perhaps not "new" but made me think more about my own tales, and how to...

Next time, I really have to make a video, not only a few pictures!

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