Open up to the audience

Yesterday, we heard three interesting speeches, and it was not the best delivered that gained the "best speaker" award, but the one who revealed most about himself and his dad. 

Who dared to expose, to open to the listeners, viewers.

He was nervous, he stumbled, he looked once in his papers, drank water another time, stopped a third time. Yet, he was the one who touched us more profoundly.

He opened to us.

He spoke about difficult times, failures, problems. As well, of course, how did he overcome them. And how we can learn even from our parents failures. 

- Of course, we can even learn from ours!

We had others, greatly delivered speech, but they told us a lot more generalities as well as the second one. We did feel,

I did, that there is personal experience behind them, but we did not hear them. About democracy I did realize, he did experience tyrany but he did not tell us about his personal experience, just the relief to be in UK.  

About the importance of money, but that speaker did not tell us about his perhaps recent problems with the absence of it, or personal difficulties.

Personal stories, or made them sound personal, make us care more. More we open up, more we are well received and also, the openness often returned.


  1. Absolutely! A person who gets personal invests himself in the speech, becomes fragile and vulnerable. How can we not want him to succeed?

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