Crossing a new bridge

First time, there are so many "first" in our life!

I just crossed a new one, participating in the International Competition at Toastmasters for the first time. I crossed it, without tumbling and falling off the bridge, this time.

Yes, I did not win the first price, will not represent that club to the next, area contest, but got to touch with it, more then three people. I really got the public held their breath and then laugh, pause at the right moment, move well and use my voice effectively.

More important, are those who felt the need to know more about the book Hidden Job market, so they can use it also, analyse themselves and discover their strength. My goal was reached. And also, I was invited to another club to tell my tale there too. "That is an important message and it got across well.  And, at the same time, you made us laugh!"

I feel better this morning, having crossed the bridge, well this time, and not falling down.

So, I got only the second place, but I delivered well my message.

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