"Grow" and Julie Kertesz on the wall

Vic Lendal preparing his speech for the Conference, speaking before audience. But before he begins to speak, he does prepare also, as Sudha does a mind map. 

Today, it is the third time that suddenly I hear about a mind map software and even of Tony Buzan who did propose it the first time.

Paul also send me a mind map and pic with him.

And before Vic speaks, he does this kind of mind mapping about it, he told us about it tonight at Royal Roads online meeting. Noon for them, evening for me in London.

And here is his presentation so different, and at the same time following what he decided to do.

A good surprise for me this morning, to be not only given as example, but shown the interaction between us, that took place through the Zoom platform's Share Screen a few days ago. Yes, I told Vic to use as he wants, any part of it, but did not suspect this. 

Great conference, well I found out only "conference preparation" and to me of course it seems even better with me on the wall...  Haha. I loved not only his verve and arguments, but also the importance of telling stories, remembered and used also. Vic practicing, what he recommends.

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