From speaker to Trainer, from beginner to Pioneer.

I begun this blog when I got my (second) CC, the first after 30 years of absence from Toastmasters clubs. I did practice my public speaking between the two in my professional life. You followed me from 2009 or you just arrived here today?

I learned, went into the Education Program as far as it is possible, got "distinguished toastmaster" once and the second time went to the Advanced communicator Gold, the highest communication award again. But I already knew by then the Manuals and felt the need to go ... Pathways. I did. Soon I will be one of the panelist's online.

In my online club, Witty Storytellers Online, we have some experienced "pathways pioneers" and also new in pathways: in all 65% of us already "in". Sudha Mani who designed this flyer, just begun 2 weeks ago Pathways and she is already finishing her "level 1" she become as passionate, as me. Or more.

Pathways is a new Education Program in Toastmasters International, and it is introduced step by step, region by region. I succeeded to get on it end March 2017, almost 7 month ago and lived in it, lived through it, decided to help the transition from the Legacy Program to the new one as much as I could. All, that depended on me. That was my "vision" and decision, as I finished my first path : Visionary Communication. 

In November, if I am still here and healthy enough, I will finish my second path, Presentation Mastery. The name we get when we finish a path is "proficient in". Well, we just begin, but for sure, in the 5 levels in each we do learn a lot. 

I begun a new blog: PathwaysExperience, and neglected a little this one, as I try to write day by day something new about how I experience the new educational program called Toastmasters Pathways and also progress in my Path. I have two other path I begun, so a lot more to learn and speak, soon. Their title, does not reflect as well as it should, in my opinion the content, but now I learned to look inside and chose after how the projects inside are different of the other paths. I will add also a link to it in this blog.

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