I don't remember! I Remember... 3 poems

Record your speeches! Record your stories! Record even some poems you love as here.
Revisiting them after a time it is rewarding. Interesting. Instructive.
At least to yourself. Perhaps, even to others.

I do not remember! Heltai (translated by Julie Kertesz from Hungarian) Yet, he describes so well all that...

A humorous translated poem that liked it so much, that it was worth translating and telling it in my Reading project at my Toastmasters club, together with two other, more sad poems about Remembering.

Just decided to add those too here. "Morning" is also translated from Hungarian, and the poet remembers his walks holding hands. It is perhaps the saddest one as he finds no one any more to hold his hand other then in memory.

Morning: I remember... Erdelyi. "To live is great, to live is good. When someone holds your hand."

Remember, Rossetti : this was the first ever English poem read in English by me. I was adolescent when my mother offered me a collection of bilingual European poems, one page translated to Hungarian, one original. At the beginning, I did not know yet English but this sound so great! I come back to it again, after learning at age 26, and from time to time. Still like it a lot.

In fact, I begun with Rossetti's poem and finished with "I do not remember". From the saddest to the funniest.

It was in my second year at Lewisham Toastmaster's club, one of my first's Advanced manuals.
Very naively, I believed, reading will be easy. It was not. Aside for the poems project which I enjoyed a lot, and the history (Kennedy's speech in Berlin) I had so much difficulty to find my texts, and deliver them as needed, that it was the last manual I finished before my Advanced Gold, a few years later.

Some speech projects give you little worry also I did many reading a whole book about the subject and yes, it would be a good idea to make a note and write about projects and books I did buy for them, study for them. No one controls how we do a project but more we use it to learn, better results it gives for us. I do hope, with the REP new education program that will arrive, we will be able to add and discover online new material for each.

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