My Toastmasters journey: some photos in an album

Toastmasters journey photos album - a long journey
got wiser, got fatter too!

It begun with an Online Photo Group I did administer very actively for six years: found workshop leaders that did teach and explain something new every month, then commented on the added photos. Towards the end, 2500 members in the !Afterclass! photo masterclass name, as we were allowed to add photos also after the monthly theme closed and another class begun. I realise just now, how much I learned at the time and how many photographers from all over the world met and come to know a lot better.

TM Julie Kertesz

From then to now, I went to visit many Toastmasters clubs, told stories in public, made audiences laught at 77+ gigs,.

Now, ten years later, finally, got to have two toastmasters clubs:
Lewisham Speakers a bus drive away (member now in 8th year)
Firebirds Collective from living room but contact with Toastmasters around the globe (just passed 1 year)

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