Better laugh of whatever arrives in life

Some Selfies - yes, better laugh of all that arrives
15 auto-portraits from my album "some selfies" taken from 2004, when I become 70 years old through the years showing my "kid playing" side and daring to show different sides of myself.

First row
The first time I dared an auto-portrait playing with an old wig and dusty hat.
The first time I was happy how I looked with swimming pool hair in the wind.
The day I dared to tell "it is exactly 52 years that I..." dot dot dot.
The day I took the first photo of myself in the bain: the small camera could do it.
The bad hair day, last in the first row, is my most popular photo on Flickr: and at that time, I still did not believe I have funny bones! "Julie, what did you do?!!!"

Second row
My face in bubble bath and
the face preparing already stories in London,
I like showing an expression "I still hope",
followed by preparation of the story of my nose, that was not cut,
and laughing of how much the hairdresser did cut my hair a day.

The last row are disasters mostly. Better show and laugh of them.
Shaving? so what!
After cataract intervention.
In middle of Effedrine treatment of my all burned front.
When I lost my three front teeth.

"Loosing three front teeth? So cute! When one is 7. Not at 77."
This photo was taken to prove myself it is not a complete catastrophe!
So true. Now I tell myself "at least you do not have to walk on it".
And I have a denture instead them...

Last pic is prepared to go again to standup comedy, yes, I will go again and again, some time yet.

Looking back to what happened is easier then trembling "how it will go tomorrow". But of course, I also have to stop, and prepare, prepare. "Practice, practice practice, and never give up even after 70"

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