Max the voice

Max the voice, blog speaking about standup comedy, was the first to recognise my talent of comedy, while we were giving our end of workshop performance, years ago, she predicted I'll do well. 

Back to her, I was invited to perform end of 2014. Here what she wrote now.

"It was just great to see the alumni from the Max Your Voice training programmes’ past – and enjoy their company and the entertainment on December 5th. A special thank you to the excellent stand up and inspirational coach Tim Dingle, the amazing singer/songwriter Andrea Black and the award winning stand up comedienne, Julie Kertesz.  Especially grateful to Julie for coming to entertain us while she’s still recovering from a fall 6 months ago.  It may have temporarily affected the use of her right leg but it has done nothing to affect her comedy timing which is as brilliant as before.  Julie Kertesz received the silver award for the best comedy newcomer when she was seventy seven. The many friendly faces and the fun we had meant a lot. " 

The only thing I changed is add 7 to the seventy she wrote. Indeed, I begun at 77 not at 70, and won the Award four month later.

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