Relaxing for a moment between takes

Filming for canal 4 Thinking.tv emission, the sound man, the producer, the runner, the video man, probably the names I did not got so well, in fact they did many things!

One did not only take sound but also surveyed the image on a screen, the two women asked me questions, prompted and asked sometime to tell it differently (adding the question for example) and the third also was in charge of lightening not only the filming.

Interesting experience.

From more then one hour, and perhaps half hour turning, 2 minutes will remain after editing, 'as if I told all in once' and not as if pieces are put together.

Happy end of year to all!Good news! It will be on web from 31 December, afternoon. www.4thought.tv/
And on the television, Canal 4 BBC Sunday after the evening news, at 6 45 probably the 6 January 2013.

I had chance: the subject of Change is great for me, not only because I had so many, and last year a "spectacular" one with 55 gigs, suddenly at 77 year old, but also so much to tell.

Another time, I will be able to make some stories and tell about more. Last year, no, this year in March at Canal Cafe Theatre, Spark London theme (I coproducer with Joanna Yates) was also Change.

Yes, and there were many other changes in my life this last year!

2 cataract operations, first denture with three teeth, 5 minor skin surgeries, new eyeglass, and mostly: learned how to look at life with a Comedian's Eye.

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