Journal 25 Dec 1944

It all begun, not now, but 68 years ago, as the Christmas 1944,
when I was ten and half, I got this diary and begin to write in it.
From then one "the rest is history"… I never stopped really writing and documenting my life.

Expressing my feelings, up and downs. First, in writing, then telling, or humour. Expressing and not bottling inside.

Sometimes, there was a small pause, or another way of communication, used, friends, lovers, family. Pictures.

This was the beginning.

Here translated in English from Hungarian the first two pages. Read some of the rest (all my first journal) at:


the rest is only translated in French (diaries 10 to 70)

Budapest, December 25, 1944

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas. I am filled with happiness! Yet it is war.

We have pine branches on the lamp, we have decorated and added candies.

I also received many gifts! This diary, this pencil, a pair of slippers, leather for shoes, a large sledge, a pair of angora gloves, an inkstand, a bunch of images to be cut, two books: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The Great Day, I also received a nice box to store my treasures and eight handkerchiefs.

I am very happy!

For two days we were hearing the roar of cannons so strong that even the mother heard, at least the most violent ones.

This is what happened this afternoon during my gymnastics I hit my head, I almost forgot to make the bridge from standing.

We spent the afternoon in Tommy (a cute 2 years old boy!) Because at their place it is hot. (But I'm going to bed now.)

December 26 1944

Today was Mom's birthday.
The morning I was scolded and later I walked around the house, to the nearby streets with Dad.

I found some interesting things. We now live in Rose Hill, the street LotsBlood. A small bomb fell in front of the church of St. Apostles' (but no one died). A shell struck the corner of Margaret Street and it destroyed the windows and brought down a few fences but caused no other damage.

The Russians are already 10km from us, at Warm Valley (I'm happy.)

As it was the anniversary of Mom, the afternoon we played Monopoly. It was great! At the end, the French (escaped from Germany on the Danube) has replaced mom. Finally, he won with 48 thousand, I am left with 24 thousand, Dad only 20 thousand in ... paper.
It was fantastic! ! ! ! ! !

I wonder what love is? What then does one feel in your heart?

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